Andrew Gray Obituary

Andrew Gray Obituary | Andrew Gray Wolff 13th of October, 1994 – 16th of March, 2022
In Beaufort, the capital of South Carolina, The 27-year-old Andrew Wolff Gray passed away on March 16th, 2022.

Andrew Gray Obituary
Andrew Gray Obituary

Having been born on October 13th, 1994 and reared in Beaufort, SC, Andrew is a native of Savannah, GA. When Andrew wasn’t working, he might be found out on the water, fishing in the pristine waterways of the low country.

He loved the game and was a devoted Chelsea supporter. All who knew him cherished his quick wit and radiant grin.

Among those mourning Andrew’s passing are his mother, Cynthia Mary Elizabeth Gray; his father, James Marion “Jim” Gray Jr. and step-mother Kim Gray; his beloved brother, James Marion “Sammy” Gray III (Julie);

step-brother Nicholas Tucker; step-sister Lyndsay (Rex) Goeckeritz and children; his other mother, Irish Mullen of Port Royal, SC; and his badass cat Tibble.

On Sunday, March 27, at 1:00 p.m., there will be a Celebration of Life at the Boat House, 161 Alston Road, Lady’s Island, South Carolina. Everyone is welcome to join us.

The Palmetto Animal League “Kitten Care Wish List” at, 56 Riverwalk Blvd., Okatie, South Carolina, 843-645-1725, can be used in lieu of flowers.

The 27-year-old Andrew Wolff Gray passed away on March 16th, 2022. Having been born on October 13th, 1994 and reared in Beaufort, SC, Andrew is a native of Savannah, GA. The South Carolina Lowcountry was a favourite fishing spot for Andrew.

He loved the game and was a devoted Chelsea supporter. All who knew him cherished his quick wit and radiant grin.

Now it’s here! “Detroit,” directed by Kathryn Bigelow, who won an Oscar for her work on “The Hurt Locker,” featured him prominently as a National Guardsman.

At the same time, Strong met up with Adam McKay, the director of “The Big Short,” in which he played a financial analyst. He told Strong that he was working on a new HBO series called “Succession,” which he referred to as “King Lear” for the media industry.

“Tell me what role you connect with,” McKay instructed him after handing him the screenplay for the pilot. Roman Roy, the son of Logan Roy, a media tycoon akin to Rupert Murdoch, was chosen by Strong.

“Oh, wow,” Strong exclaimed upon learning of her role as Roman. “He’s this jovial prick,” I said. In the past, I hadn’t been able to do something like this.”

Andrew Gray Obituary
Andrew Gray Obituary

Strong, who was engaged and living in Los Angeles with his fiance at the time, travelled to Detroit to work on the film “Detroit” After watching military documentaries and honing his marksmanship at a shooting range, he was well-prepared for the job.

The filming required him to miss a portion of his wedding week festivities, which he scheduled in advance. Bigelow, on the other hand, sacked him after just one day.

As Strong put it, “I was just not the character she had in her mind.” “It was a harrowing ordeal,” he said. His honeymoon was spent in the Dragsholm Slot Castle in Denmark, where they were married. “Succession” producers called him to tell him that Kieran Culkin had been cast as Roman.

Small Accidents, Gray’s 2001 collection of short stories, was his literary debut. Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize contender in 2002, it comprised stories about medical situations that led to interesting life events. An Independent Publisher Book Award in Fiction was also given to it in 2003.

The November 2001 issue of Quill & Quire reviewed Gray’s 2001 short story collection, Write Turns: New Directions in Canadian Fiction.

UBC’s low-residency programme was under Gray’s leadership by 2007. He was among the first to embrace the internet’s potential as a tool for promoting writing.

For Lori May’s book, The Low-Residency MFA Handbook: A Guide for Prospective Creative Writing Students, he was interviewed as an expert in 2011.
Andrew Gray Obituary

For the year 2014, Gray served as the UBC Creative Writing Program’s programme coordinator. That year, he chaired Canada’s annual national meeting of authors, the Canada Writing Conference.

Mr. Andrew Gray, general secretary of the Illawarra Colliery Employees’ Association, died on Sunday at a private hospital in Sydney at the age of 49.

After moving to this state from Victoria about six years ago, Mr. Gray was active in the Trades Union movement and ran against Mr. T. R. Morgan for the job of miners’ general secretary, losing by a margin of several hundred votes.

During this time, Mr. Gray was elected secretary of the Amalgamated Coal and Shale Workers’ Association, and he and Messrs.

Bowling and Lewis were charged and imprisoned for their involvement in the coal strike of 1909-10. When he was released from prison, he became ill because of a chill he developed while doing time in Bathurst prison.

The Illawarra Colliery Employees’ Association re-elected him secretary shortly after his release from prison; Mr. T. R. Morgan had resigned.

He continued to perform these duties until shortly before his death, with the exception of times when he had to stop working in order to visit the hospital for treatment.

Everyone in the Association regarded him highly and he gained the admiration of everyone he came into contact with while serving as miners’ general secretary.

The body has been returned to his home in Woonona, and the funeral will depart at 3 p.m. this afternoon for the Woonona cemetery. Mr. Gray’s wife and four children are mourning the loss of their father.

Gray, Andrew D.August 21st, 2021 – June 20th, 1960Share Andrew’s obituary with your family and acquaintances

A long fight with cancer claimed the life of Andrew Gray, 61, of West Amboy, previously of Dekalb Junction. He died on Saturday at his home. By birth, Andrew is the son of Leland and MaryAnn Elsie Gray from Gouverneur, New Jersey.

He attended Central Florida Community College after graduating from high school in Florida. On March 23, 2004, he tied the knot with Sandra Salisbury. For the better part of four decades, he worked as a carpenter.

There are ten grandchildren and two sisters left to cherish his memory, including his wife Sandra, three sons — Trevor Gray of West Amboy and Robert and Bryan Dye of Pulaski two daughters Deanna Gray and Sharlotte Russell of Parish and two brothers Robert Gray of Rensselaer Falls and Fred Gray of Hermon.

On Saturday, September 11th, at 2 p.m., his sister Julie Gray, of County Route 17, Dekalb Junction, will host a memorial service to honour his life.

Andrew Gray Obituary
Andrew Gray Obituary

An additional memorial service is planned for today from 1 to 5pm. At Selkirk Shores State Park’s open pavilion on September 19th. Foster-Hax Funeral Home, 52 Park Street, Pulaski, will handle the arrangements.

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