Kyle Kroll Obituary

Kyle Kroll Obituary | Kyle Kroll falls to her death while hiking on Cliff Trail on August 20, 1994, around 4 p.m. Kroll died at the age of nine while on a family outing. She perished immediately after falling 150 to 200 feet from the Cliff Trail.

Kyle Kroll Obituary
Kyle Kroll Obituary

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As the news of Kyle Kroll’s death was announced, friends, family, and loved ones were left heartbroken. On November 21, 2020, information of the deceased’s death was disseminated on social media.

Kyle Kroll Obituary

Austen Kroll recently brought viewers to tears when he talked about his older sister, Kyle, who passed away when she was 9, on one of his reality series.

The businessman Austen Kroll became widely known after joining the cast of Bravo’s Southern Charm in season 4 and making an appearance in the crossover episode Winter House, which featured the casts of both Southern Charm and Summer House.

Kyle Kroll Wiki

What happened to Kyle Kroll?

At Chimney Rock, Lyle Kroll passed away.A family vacation to Chimney Rock Park after the Krolls’ recent relocation to North Carolina ended tragically with the death of Austen’s sister Kyle. On August 18, 1994, at 4 p.m., she had succumbed to the wounds she had incurred in a fall from a trail.

Where did Austen from Southern charm grow up?

His formative years were largely spent at the family’s vacation house on Kiawah Island in South Carolina. The media has said that he has two sisters, Kyle Kroll and Katie Kroll. He is his parents’ second kid.

We mourn alongside Kyle Kroll’s family, and we understand how upsetting this must be for them right now, so we send our thoughts and prayers to everyone affected.

Kyle A. Kroll, 9, of Charlotte, died from injuries incurred in a fall at 4 p.m., according to Rutherford County Coroner Shane Earley.

Earley, who investigated the event, stated that the family had only recently relocated to Charlotte from Michigan. They were on a day trip with their families and were hiking on “Cliff Trail,” one of the park’s principal paths. Earley claimed the girl negotiated her way around the opposite side of a barricade before anyone noticed.

“The girl slid and fell the minute her aunt spotted this,” he explained. He said she died instantly after falling 150 to 200 feet.

Kyle Kroll Obituary
Kyle Kroll Obituary

Todd Morse, president and general manager of Chimney Rock Co., arrived quickly after the accident.”The park EMTs were the first on the scene.

We sought to help till further help arrived. Hickory Nut Gorge EMS was called. “However, there was nothing we could do.” This incident has saddened park personnel. “Everyone expresses sympathy to the family,” he said.

Chimney Rock Park was closed due to rain on Wednesday. On Thursday, it reopened. Morse stated that “the park’s safety was not in doubt.”

The park maintains a continuous safety programme. “We undertook a more comprehensive assessment of routes following the rains to protect the safety of our tourists,” he said. He stated that the park would be open today.

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Kyle Kroll Obituary

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Kyle Kroll Obituary
Kyle Kroll Obituary

We assure you that we will regularly update all information surrounding Kyle Kroll’s death as new details become available. The unexpected loss is a heartbreaking event for everyone of the friends and family. Let us contribute to our prayers that Kyle Kroll’s family gains the strength to bear Kyle Kroll’s loss.

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