Tommy Raskin Obituary

Tommy Raskin Obituary | On Dec. 31, 2020, Tommy Raskin, a Takoma Park native, died of despair. At the time of his death, he had just graduated from Amherst College and was enrolled at Harvard Law School. He was a poet, an avid Boggle player, a vegan, and a political person who cared about the well-being of all people and animals.

Tommy Raskin Obituary
Tommy Raskin Obituary

At a family gathering at which Tommy’s sister Tabitha expressed her dissatisfaction with the fact that she was unable to hug others who shared her loss because of COVID-19, the idea for a memorial drive-in was born.

Amherst College graduate who went on to work for such notable organisations as the Cato Institute and J Street; vegan who wrote philosophical defences of animal rights and convinced others to give up meat;

political writer whose essays appeared in The Nation and elsewhere; and Harvard Law School student and teaching assistant who donated from his teaching salary to charities in his study period. He was all of these things and more.

Jamie Raskin’s son Tommy, as he is affectionately known, was similarly afflicted by depression. As of December 31, Tommy Raskin had committed himself by shooting himself in the head.

Friends and family of Thomas B. “Tommy” Raskin said he will be remembered as a visionary with a strong dedication to justice and the truth. His enthusiasm for helping the world’s underprivileged was unwavering.
Suuba M. Demby ’22 recalls her teaching fellow, Thomas B. “Tommy” Raskin, asking during a section discussion in the renowned Harvard course “Justice”.

Demby said Raskin was unique in that he didn’t just preach about establishing a more just world; he actually lived it. “I was pleased and taken away by how honest he was as a person,” she said when she found out a few weeks later that Raskin had made a donation to Oxfam in the names of each of his students.

At the age of 25, Raskin, a student at Harvard Law School, died. According to a family spokesperson, the cause of death was suicide following a protracted battle with depression.

Raskin’s friends and relatives described him as a visionary who had an easy way of communicating to people that made them feel heard and appreciated, despite his intense devotion to justice and the truth.

He was born on January 30, 1995, to joyful parents who saw him as a little angel, a blue-eyed cherub. Tom, who was born with curly hair and bright eyes, grew up to be an outgoing, cheeky little boy who loved to make pranks on his little sister.

kick footballs in goal, act out scenes from To Kill a Mockingbird with his little sister, teach other children the names of all Supreme Court justices, hug strangers, teach our dogs foreign languages, run up the aisle of aeroplane aisle and give people high fives, among many other things.

“Throughout his childhood, he was surrounded by the love of his parents, his sisters, a large family of cousins, and the philosophical nourishment of his grandparents, Herb and Arlene Bloom, Marcus Raskin, Barbara Raskin, and later Lynn Raskin, the best aunt.”

Tommy Raskin Obituary
Tommy Raskin Obituary

Nobody has mastered the art of grieving after a year of coping with death and loss.. Not in this way.Many people have died as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The rituals of mourning have also been taken away. As the virus that has killed more than half a million Americans continues to spread, the moments of closeness in which the living console themselves pose a dreadful risk.

The overcrowded funerals, the weeping and laughs among embracing cousins, the awkward after-service banquet

To honour the memory of Jamie B. Raskin’s son, Thomas “Tommy” Bloom Raskin, who died by suicide, friends and family gathered on Saturday morning.

The memorial service was designed to raise awareness about the dangers of the spread of infectious diseases. Family images and speeches were alternatively shown on screens that dwarfed the speakers on the stage outside RFK Stadium.

They sat in their automobiles, which they had been told they were not allowed to leave, except to use a row of yellow temporary restrooms.

After graduating from high school, Tommy decided to attend Harvard Law School. His father’s favourite law school companions, Michael Anderson and Donene Williams, let him live in their attic, where he gained even more wonderful pals.

Bruce Mann Noah Feldman, and Carole Steiker taught him constitutional law, criminal law, and property law; he appreciated the debating dynamics of law school, but he complained that the moral philosophy component was missing.

Instead of reading a large list of long instances, why don’t students read simple and comprehensive descriptions of the facts.In order to alleviate his students’ and his own tension and anxiety from the pressures of law school.

he enthusiastically promoted his newfound favourite game, Boggle, while simultaneously encouraging them to engage with social issues and forming a strong affinity group with the Effective Altruists.

Tommy Raskin Obituary

He excelled as a summer associate at Mercy for Animals last year and discovered a natural talent for the practise of law.

Many academics believe that these figures are undercounted because of the stigma attached to suicide.The Raskins had to show a lot of bravery to come forward.

After Raskin’s son was laid to rest, the family showed even more strength when the congressman, who believed it was his responsibility to count the electoral votes and affirm Joe Biden’s victory, was caught up in Trump’s uprising at the Capitol the following day.

In the end, Tommy’s father spoke the last. “Independent thinker” and “dazzling courage and composure” were some of the adjectives used by the Congressman to describe his kid.

He held a dinner for a group of Montgomery Blair High School students so that they could all enjoy the prom together, even if they didn’t have dates.

He also made sure that his entire fourth-grade class was invited to his birthday party, regularly changed lunch partners at Eastern Middle School in Silver School so that he wouldn’t just sit with students in the magnet programme.

Raskin claimed he would never again believe that all would work out in the end. He’s lost all hope of ever finding true love again.

Everyone should look out for each other, Raskin added, and then he asked everyone to do the same. The creatures need your attention. Take care of the world’s underprivileged.

Tommy Raskin Obituary
Tommy Raskin Obituary

Make justice a part of everyday life. Let liberty ring. Take a peaceful stroll. We’re going to do as you say, Tommy. In order to make the world a softer and better place, we will take bold action. Give your sweet boy my best wishes.

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