Caroline Mawhinney Obituary

Caroline Mawhinney Obituary | Principal of the school where Caroline Mawhinney intended to begin her new teaching career has spoken of the “huge sense of loss” caused by her death in the plane disaster.

Caroline Mawhinney Obituary
Caroline Mawhinney Obituary

On Tuesday evening, a light aircraft crashed at Newtownards Airport, killing Ms. Mawhinney and Philip Murdock.Relatives spoke highly of her as a “kind, compassionate, and caring mother.” she was.

Ms Mawhinney , a mechanical engineer for Caterpillar who lived outside of Newtownards, worked there for 20 years.A PGCE graduate, she was about to begin a new career path as a technology teacher at New-Bridge Integrated College in Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

The school’s principal, Anne Anderson, expressed her condolences to the students and faculty after learning of her passing.

The school was eagerly awaiting Caroline’s arrival in September as a technology teacher because of her past engineering background and her natural ability to interact with students.

After spending several days in New-Bridge in May and June, Caroline emerged as a warm, engaging, and kind individual who was eager to begin her teaching career at New-Bridge.

“In the short time we had the pleasure of knowing her, she left a lasting impression on our hearts and we feel a deep sense of loss as a school community.”

Parents Josh and Emily have hailed Ms Mawhinney as “the most loving, gentle, care-giving mother they could ask for.””Daughter to John and the late Heather, and sister to Kelly,” she was also known as a “sister.”

Her family remembers her as “the most wonderful, compassionate, and caring mother” who died in a plane crash in Co. Down this week.

Relatives of Caroline Mawhinney , a Newtownards mother-of-two, described her as a “beautiful person.”When the light aircraft they were flying in crashed into bushes at Newtownards Airport on Tuesday, Philip Murdock was killed as well.

Two fatalities of a plane crash in Newtownards, County Armagh, have been identified as a local businessman. A member of the staff reporting team. 21st of July, 2022 Comments Philip Murdock is the CEO of the company.

Caroline Mawhinney Obituary
Caroline Mawhinney Obituary

An Armagh businessman has been identified as one of the two fatalities of a plane crash that occurred in Newtownards, Northern Ireland, on Tuesday night.

Envision Intelligent Solutions, a provider of security solutions situated in Craigavon, was founded and ran by Philip Murdock, who served as its founder and CEO.

At the time of the Newtownards Airport crash, Mr Murdock was 51 years old and believed to be the pilot of a light aircraft.

In London in December, his company received innovation of the year at the UK Security and Fire Excellence Awards. His death has gone unmentioned by the company.Official investigators are now looking into the event, according to an Ulster Flying Club spokesman.

According to a preliminary web note, Philip was a cherished husband of Esther, son of Bertie and Wilma, son-in-law of Jean and late Eddie Deyermond, brother of Paul and Elaine, and devoted uncle. Funeral arrangements have not yet been made public.

The house has been requested to remain private by the family.Mr. Murdock was characterised as “a wonderful man with a great business acumen” by Upper Bann MP Carla Lockhart.

Her words to the Belfast Telegraph: “Obviously, this is awful news. This tragedy has affected the entire family of the deceased as well as the other victim.

Much the most heartbreaking deaths can be made even more devastating by the circumstances in which they occur.

The second victim was Caroline Mawhinney, a member of the Ulster Flying Club.Founder of Craigavon-based Envision Intelligent Solutions, Mr. Murdock was recalled as “passionate and charming.”.

Caroline Mawhinney Obituary

Johnson Controls, an Irish-American multinational, purchased Envision Intelligent Solutions earlier this year. “Greatly heartbroken,” they stated of Mr. Murdock’s passing.

‘Phil was a dedicated and energetic member of the team,’ Envision Intelligent Solutions Limited said of its late co-founder and managing director.

The entire Envision team, as well as the man’s wife and parents are in our thoughts and prayers.Two members of the Ulster Flying Club perished in the crash, the club stated on Wednesday, “with profound sadness and regret.”

The funeral notification for Mr. Murdock stated that he died “in the presence of his Lord and Savior” without warning.

According to the obituary, he was the “much loved husband of Esther, adored son of Bertie and Wilma, and devoted son-in-law to Jean and the late Eddie Deyermond”.

Paul and Elaine’s brother, Paul’s brother-in-law, Helen and Jonny’s brother-in-law, Lois and David’s brother-in-law, and devoted uncle to his nephews and nieces.”

At 2:30 p.m. on Monday, there will be a service in Carryduff’s Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall. In Ballylesson, at the Holy Trinity Parish Churchyard, the deceased will be laid to rest.

In the notification, it is said that “Philip will be greatly missed by his wife, parents and family circle.”Esther’s cherished husband, Bertie’s adored son, and Eddie’s lovely son-in-law were all mentioned in the obituary. Loved and cherished by his nieces and nephews, Paul’s brother-in-law, Helen’s husband, Jonny, and his sister-in-law, Lois,

On Monday, at 2.30 p.m., a service will be place in Carryduff’s Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall. In Ballylesson, at the Holy Trinity Parish Churchyard, the deceased will be laid to rest.

My uncle was not only the nicest, most fun, and loving person I’ve ever known, but he also served as an incredible role model for me and taught me so much.

He threw himself into everything with gusto. Most significantly, we are grateful that he placed his faith in Jesus Christ, and we have great hope that we shall see him again.

One man called Murdock a “hero” after the disaster, according to eyewitnesses who saw him trying to divert the plane away from people on the ground.

Local football club was playing in Londonderry Park at the time, according to independent councillor Steven Irvine.

“They saw the plane was swaying from side to side. Perhaps, in hindsight, it was attempting to avoid additional casualties. “If that’s the case, then congratulations to the pilot,” he said.

The Civil Aviation Authority’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch and PSNI investigators have begun an investigation following the deadly incident.

Caroline Mawhinney Obituary
Caroline Mawhinney Obituary

In a statement, the Ulster Flying Club said, “It is with great sadness and regret that we must communicate the dreadful news that two of our members lost their lives in the aircraft disaster that occurred at our airfield in Newtownards.”

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