Kevin Knowles Obituary

Kevin Knowles Obituary | We regret to inform you of the demise on Thursday, September 6, 2018, of our beloved father, Poppy, brother, and friend, Joseph ‘Kevin’ Knowles.

Kevin Knowles Obituary
Kevin Knowles Obituary

Norma Peach, his life partner and soulmate, his daughters Julia Hynes and Leah Knowles, his grandchildren Jeanie and Gabriel Hynes, his brothers Charlie (Marg) and George (Lynn) Knowles, his sisters Marjorie (Martin) Fulmore and Doris (Marty) Knowles, and his nephews Paul, Andrew, and Brennan, as well as niece Andrea Knowles survive Kevin.

Predecessors include his wife, our mother, Jean Anne Knowles (Wilson), as well as his mother and father, Margery and Joe Knowles. Throughout the Glace Bay school system, Dad taught for 35 years at New Aberdeen School, Caledonia School, and Glace Bay Elementary School.

He appeared to us to be nearly indestructible, standing at least 10 feet tall. If he wanted, he could outskate the wind. He was the guy you turn to when you needed advice, encouragement, and a dose of sarcasm to remind you that life isn’t all that serious.

He made light of the fact that he was constantly surrounded by women who were eager to air their grievances with him. Salt and pepper hair and laugh lines adorning her blue eyes are all thanks to us. He always said “Carry On” at the end of every talk, which makes it difficult to picture life without him.

He loved sports of many kinds, but his favourite was hockey, which he played, coached, and officiated for many years. Many new friendships were created during the time he spent in the “Huff-and-Puff” league. Hunting was his life’s work.

He and his friend Billy MacNeil used to enjoy strolling through the Sand Lake desolate. But he was and always will be Poppy, above all else. In addition to teaching her to bake the best cinnamon buns and shortbread cookies, he instilled in her a sense of self-respect and composure in the face of adversity.

As Gabe’s constant companion on the rink, he never missed a practise or game. There’s no severing the ties that bind those two. When it comes to the girls in his family, Gabe is fiercely protective because of his kind heart and wicked sense of humour.

It’s a gift that keeps on giving. A savage combatant who will not back down until the very end. We’ll keep on like dad taught us to since that’s how he reared us.

Love can never be lost. Please join us in celebrating his life in the best way possible. Sunday, September 16, 2018 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Membertou Wellness Centre, with reception from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Kevin Knowles Obituary
Kevin Knowles Obituary

Donations to the Cape Breton Cancer Centre can be made in his memory instead of flowers. At, the family can receive online condolences.

The Chair in Aeromechanical Systems at Cranfield University was established in 2007 with the appointment of Professor Kevin Knowles (BSc (Hons), PhD, CEng, FRAeS, AFAIAA). From Exeter University, he received a PhD in aerodynamics in 1984 for research into the effects of swirl on jet flows.

The National Gas Turbine Establishment at Pyestock (1976), the Central Electricity Research Labs in Leatherhead (1977), and GEC Turbine Generators Ltd (1981-1984) are all places where he has worked in the industrial sector, conducting research on jet noise, high pressure control valve aerodynamics.

and submarine power plant flow analyses. When he was appointed to a lectureship at the Royal Military College of Science in Shrivenham, Oxfordshire at Cranfield’s Aeromechanical Systems Group in 1984.

As head of the Aeromechanical Systems Group, he was given the title in 1993. At the national and international levels, Professor Knowles serves on numerous boards and committees.

including the AIAA V/STOL Aircraft Systems technical committee and the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Aerodynamics Specialist Group. He is a member of the EPSRC Peer Review College as well as the Proceedings of the IMechE Part G Journal of Aerospace Engineering.

Swindon’s RAS branch is headed by Professor Knowles, who is also the President of the Defense Academy. In books, journals, and conference proceedings, he has authored or co-authored more than 200 research papers.

When Mickie was in his prime, he had a strong intellect, a razor-sharp sense of humour, as well as an abundance of common sense. Mickie was gentlemanly and honourable to the core. He was a master of sarcasm, but he had no pretences about it. We were lucky enough to have him as both our best friend and brother.

Kevin Knowles Obituary

Surprisingly, they weren’t even his best traits. He was a phenomenal musician, but he was also a very accomplished songwriter and producer. A drummer and singer for more than 60 years, he also dabbled with other instruments and wrote scores of tunes.

He would be most proud to be remembered as a founding member and driving force of The Bumsteads, one of many bands he played in throughout his career. His life’s greatest delight was music, and he was grateful and blessed to be able to spend it as a musician his entire life.

Family members who will be announced at a later date include: Gertrude Knowles and Christopher Knowles; Joan Knowles and Sandra Johnson; Dolly and Lorraine Knowles; Lorraine Knowles; Michael Knowles; Gary Knowles; and Patrick Knowles; as well as a slew of nieces, nephews, cousins, and other relatives.

It is now possible to produce engineering ceramics such as alumina and zirconia, silicon nitride and silicon carbide, on a consistent basis.

Fuel cells and cutting tools, for example, both rely on thermomechanical performance, and as a result, their employment in industrial settings is growing in popularity.

Almost all uses of engineering ceramics necessitate the use of another material, most commonly a metal, at some point.

Working to better understand the intricate nanometer-scale interfacial interactions that take place at the braze-ceramic and braze-metal interfaces in order to enable successful joining has been a major focus of recent research.

Crystalline materials can twine as a result of mechanical deformation or development from a liquid, solid, or vapour phase.

Kevin Knowles Obituary
Kevin Knowles Obituary

Deformation modes in titanium alloys of interest to aerospace sector, as well as the Type II rotation twinning mode recently identified in devitrite, have all been studied extensively in this area of research, which has focused on twinning in non-cubic materials.





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