Kelly Hamilton Obituary Regina | In addition to being a member of The Wiggles, Kelly Hamilton is also an Australian entertainer.Kelly Hamilton, a stalwart of the Queen City’s grassroots soccer development, died on Monday at the age of 62.

Kelly Hamilton Obituary Regina
Kelly Hamilton Obituary Regina

In the eyes of many, Hamilton and Len Antonini were the driving forces behind Regina Minor Football (RMF) becoming one of Canada’s top minor football programmes.

As far back as 1999, Anthony Antonini approached Hamilton about becoming RMF’s President. Antonini joked with a close friend that he would only have to attend two or three sessions a year, but that the two would spend the rest of the year working on the programme together..

Hamilton and Antonini were teammates and housemates in high school before joining the Regina Rams. The two forged an unbreakable friendship on the gridiron during their playing days, and it was commonly joked that they were like a married couple.

If there were any disagreements, Antonini said they would resolve them by talking it out. He and Hamilton were “always on the same page.”

Hamilton’s signature, according to longtime amateur football coach Ryan Hall in Regina, was the way he treated every youngster equally, not just those who would eventually become professional players, but every player who wanted to play earned the same attention in Hamilton’s eyes.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Kelly Hamilton was a well-known and beloved member of the football community. He lost his battle with cancer and will be missed. Sixty-two.

Hamilton served as president of Regina Minor Football for many years, and the organisation thrived under his leadership and that of executive director Len Antonini. In 2013, the Regina Sports Hall of Fame honoured them both as builders.

Hamilton also helped out on the CBC and TSN football broadcast crews during his tenure in the game. During a recent broadcast, TSN paid respect to Hamilton and wished him well.

Chris Cuthbert, a former play-by-play announcer for both networks who tweeted, “This hits deep,” was among the many who expressed their sorrow on Tuesday. Kelley was a regular member of the Saskatchewan broadcast team for the Grey Cup and other home games.

One of the most outgoing and helpful members of the amateur football community, with a smile on his face. We send our condolences to his loved ones and the many friends he leaves behind.

Hamilton was a standout with the O’Neill Titans and the junior Regina Rams as a hockey player.

While working for Regina Fire and Protective Services, where he eventually rose to the rank of captain, he also experienced an extensive career that ended in 2019.

Hamilton was a finalist for the 1975 Regina Intercollegiate Football League Schwann Conference Player of the Year award as a Grade 11 quarterback for the Titans.

In walks Hamilton.

Kelly Hamilton Obituary Regina
Kelly Hamilton Obituary Regina

In 1977, both Hamilton and Antonini joined the Rams and were named the team’s top rookie.Hamilton switched to slotback in 1980 after playing running back in each of his first two seasons in the Prairie Football Conference.

In the Canadian junior championship game, which was held at Taylor Field, he contributed to the Rams’ 26-15 victory over the Hamilton Hurricanes.

Defending Armadale Cup champions the Rams thrashed the Hurricanes 46-24 in 1981 to retain their title. Hamilton’s junior football career came to an end in that game, as his brother Chris, the national championship-winning quarterback, was playing in his final game.

Once Kelly Hamilton had graduated from the Rams, he tried out for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1982 and 1983 as a linebacker. With Hamilton Tiger-Cats, he played one game and three games during the 1984 season. In 1985, he returned to Saskatchewan for a second tour.

When Antonini invited Hamilton to join the RMF board in 2000, he began a long-term relationship with the organisation. For free, Hamilton and Antonini boosted player ranks and improved facilities during a time when the quality of equipment also improved.

For the 1998 Can-Am Police-Fire Games in Regina, Hamilton served as assistant sports director and venues manager.

By the year 2021, the Wiggles will have expanded to include a wider range of people. As the second yellow Wiggle, she rides a skateboard in her appearances.

Fruit Salad TV was the group’s first outing with Hamilton. To earn the title of “designated wiggle,” Hamilton previously performed with the ensemble as a dancer.

Kelly Hamilton Obituary Regina

The reason for Hamilton’s departure is still a mystery, but Evie Ferris, who had previously been the blue wiggle, has taken her position as the yellow wiggle. Lucia Field, the daughter of Anthony Field, took Ferris’ place as the blue wiggle.

The RMF’s existing Leibel Field facilities are one of Hamilton’s many legacies. Initially, RMF was housed at Winnipeg Street, but because to Hamilton and Antonini’s relentless efforts.

the programme has flourished with new facilities for players that are still being felt today, as Leibel Field’s new turf is set to be fully laid in a few days. That Hamilton didn’t get to witness the finished product was really frustrating, according to Hall.

Suitor also recalled how Hamilton would beam with delight whenever he spoke of Leibel Field’s facilities.

When they worked at RMF, Antonini recalled that he and his coworkers were normally too busy to have much time to talk, but that changed during his battle with cancer, when he said they got together and had many wonderful conversations.

According to Antonini, Hamilton left a lasting impression.As of 2019, he had stood down as president of RMF, but he remained on the board and as the manager of its equipment.

He done tremendous things for football in this province,” the Thunder, who took over as Queen City’s PFC franchise from the Rams, tweeted on Monday.

Canadian football has lost a great player.”According to CBC News, the driver was Omar Downy, a native of Toronto. There were a number of people slain, including a 75-year-old male and Kelly Hamilton.

After 5 p.m. on Thursday, Downy was driving westbound on Lakeshore Boulevard West when he collided with an unattended van on the south side of the street.

The Wiggles are a 1991 Sydney-based kid’s band from Australia. Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and Tsehay Hawkins are the current members of the band.

Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Greg Page, and Phillip Wilcher formed the Wiggles in 1991. When they released their first album, Wilcher decided to leave the band.

Former understudy Sam Moran took Page’s place in 2006 because to health issues, but he returned in 2012 to replace Moran. Gillespie, Pryce, and Emma Watkins succeeded Cook, Fatt, and Page at the end of 2012.

Kelly Hamilton Obituary Regina
Kelly Hamilton Obituary Regina

Both Cook and Fatt retained their investment in the company, and they all remained involved in the creative and production parts of the company. Hawkins replaced Watkins in the group in 2021, when she stepped down.

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