Angela Jacobs Obituary

Angela Jacobs Obituary | Angela Jacobs, a WFTV Channel 9 anchor, died on July 20 of metastatic breast cancer.As a result, the veteran reporter was one of the most prominent employees of the media company.

Angela Jacobs Obituary
Angela Jacobs Obituary

On the Eyewitness News Orlando channel, Jacobs was an anchor.As soon as the news of her death broke, her fans were overcome with grief. The legacy that Jacobs has left behind in the Orlando media landscape will endure as long as the city’s residents cherish their memories of her.

First to report the tragic news, WFTV Channel 9 also published an obituary in honour of its late yet brilliant anchor.

In the homage to Angela, the channel has thrown light on her final days and her battle with metastatic breast cancer.

He has been battling cancer for years but just revealed it on-air in 2020. The late Eyewitness News anchor’s on-air monologue, in which she talked about the biggest battle of her life, was also shared by Channel 9.

Despite battling a rare form of metastatic breast cancer for years, Angela Jacobs never stopped giving her all to journalism.

After a long career in journalism, Jacobs captivated the hearts of thousands of people with her heartfelt efforts. As a WFTV Channel 9 Eyewitness News reporter and fill-in anchor for more than a decade, she has a wealth of experience.

At WFTV Channel 9, she was hired in September 2012. Since then, she’s gained a lot of recognition for her outstanding job. As a freelancer in 2013, she also worked for NBC Sports Network. In 1999, Angela Jacobs began her career in media as a host and anchor for WISC-TV Madison.

From July 2003 to June 2011, Angela worked as a sports anchor and reporter for WKMG-TV Orlando and WTSP-TV Tampa Bay. In April 2009, she was named Lightning Feature Reporter for Fox Sports Net Florida.

When she was a baby, she was born in Orlando, Florida, the United States. She was a well-known and well-respected journalist in the United States.

No one knows the names of her father or mother. For those who are interested in learning more about Angela Jacobs’s life and work, you’ve come to the proper place, and the entire collection of information about Angela Jacobs Wiki should be read.

Angela Jacobs Obituary
Angela Jacobs Obituary

In 2020, Angela revealed that she got 56 sessions during five weeks of radiation treatment for breast cancer. Additionally, she underwent four surgeries and lost her hair.

This year, Angela’s cancer returned after nearly two years in remission after a tough battle.According to WFTV, Angela underwent chemotherapy this time around, as well as a variety of experimental treatments.

Friends and coworkers have paid homage to their ‘fiercely loyal’ friend on social media. Following her friend’s tragic death, Lauren Seabrook described herself as “angry/sad,” citing Angela’s bravery and devotion.

Angela graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia in 2013 with a Master’s degree in Journalism, the same year she started working at Channel 9.

Prior to that, she worked as an anchor/reporter in Tampa for about nine years before that. Her reporting earned her two regional Emmys during that time period.

Sports, photography, beach vacations, and spending time with her family and dogs were some of Jacobs’ favourite pastimes.
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Angela Jacobs Obituary

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Angela Jacobs Obituary
Angela Jacobs Obituary

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