Kelly Galloway Obituary | Kelly Joanne Galloway, also known as Kelly Jo, Smiley Jo, Sparkly Jo, KelBel, KelBelDancerSparkles, KelBelDancerSparkles, and KelBelDancerSparkles died on May 28, 2022, after attending a music event in Buena Vista Lakes, California.

Kelly Galloway Obituary
Kelly Galloway Obituary

Kelly spent her final day doing what she enjoyed most: listening to music, dancing all day, laughing, spending time with people she cared about, and making those around her happy.

Kelly was born on July 30, 1997, at Denver’s Rose Hospital. She grew raised in Lone Tree, Colorado before going on to the University of Colorado – Boulder.

where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Advertising with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the College of Media, Communication & Information (CMCI). Kelly had a lot going on throughout her time at C.U.

Kelly Galloway died on February 26th, 2017. His wife of 37 years, his two sons Jason and Parker, his brother John, his two sisters Janice and Joane, his mother Janice, and his granddaughter Devin are among his surviving.

Kelly’s cause of death is still unknown; we will update you as his family confirms it. Even though it’s been nearly 5 years since Kelly’s death, no one knows why he died. Kelly’s family does not appear to be revealing it anytime soon.

From 2007 through 2013, Kelly worked in the health industry as a health manager. He earned his bachelor’s degree in science from Old Dominion University and his master’s degree in medicine from the University of Colorado.

Kelly’s funeral was held at Sturtevant’s Funeral Home on March 3, 2017, in the company of his family and close relatives.

He gave to the health-care system until his last breath, which is admirable. He was a devout Christian who was 64 years old. Patients who knew him personally at the health care centre where he worked are eager to learn the cause of his death. Kelly was known to have fought cancer for a long time. Our hearts go out to Kelly’s family and loved ones.

Kelly was raised in a Christian environment and was adored by everyone of his family and friends. She was the Patient Care Service Director at Children’s Hospital of Colorado. Kelly began working at the hospital in 2013 as a patient care service director. She laboured to the very end.

From 2007 until 2013, she was also a clinical supervisor. Kelly earned her bachelor’s degree in science from Old Dominion University and her nursing degree from the University of Colorado.

Kelly Galloway Obituary
Kelly Galloway Obituary

Kelly packed her car and her bunny Bo and travelled to California in February 2020 to begin a job in advertising for the firm Fleischman – Hillard.

Of course, Kelly did not travel from point A to point B on her route to California; she and Bo stopped at other locations along the way, including the Four Corners, the Grand Canyon, and Moab.

Kelly, as always, desired a journey, an experience, and an adventure. She was a free spirit who coloured her and others’ lives outside the boundaries.

The epidemic struck just a few weeks of my arrival in California… Kelly’s contract with Fleischman was not renewed… Nonetheless, she made relationships over that brief period.

The security guard hugged Kelly on her way out and assured her that the firm “always let the nice ones go.” Kelly treated everyone with respect, kindness, and dignity, so this made perfect sense.

Her office security guard was just as essential to her as the CEO. The wait staff was as important to her as the restaurant owner. Kelly made friends with everyone she encountered and sought for the good in everyone. Kelly was generous and caring in all facets of her life.

Kelly Galloway Obituary

Kelly embarked on a year-and-a-half journey of self-discovery. She read everything and anything. She provided advice on social media, design, event planning, promotion, and PR. To cope with the pandemic, she provided freelance therapy for people with autism and social difficulties.

began as a personal branding, graphic design, video editing and production, and website design project. She met and formed great friendships with many people in California, including a group of folks who shared her passion for music and dancing.

She matured both spiritually and emotionally. She improved both her mind and body. And she had numerous adventures, including driving her own car along the California coast to Seattle and back, where she was amazed by the power of the redwoods and the beauty of the ride.

Kelly was employed as a publicist for a public relations business by Impact24 in 2022. She was overjoyed to be working for Impact24, a socially conscious entertainment public relations agency that aims to close the diversity, equity.

and inclusion gaps in the entertainment industry through communication, content production, and promotions. Kelly rapidly became an integral member of the team, where she enjoyed working with and for other creative people. The people at Impact 24 made Kelly feel respected and valued.

Kelly placed a high importance on cooperation, involvement, diversity, and respect. She enjoyed crystals, skiing, photography, videography, content creation, dancing, music, going to the Farmer’s Market, Tarot cards, horoscopes, and helping others.

She lived her life as a shining example of goodness. She adored everyone, including God, the sun, the moon, and everything in between. She brought a card with her to all music events that said, “If you need a hug, a high five, gum, or a friend, I’m here for you!” Have a fantastic and safe weekend.

Kelly is survived by her large family, thousands of individuals who adored her, and her bunny Bo. This rock we live on has lost a good one, yet her spirit will live on. Be kind to one another. Kelly, ILYSM.

I participated in the National Student Advertising Competition; I trained and became a certified counsellor, donating over 200 hours to the Crisis Text Line;

Over 200 hours of training to become a certified yoga instructor, with an extra 50 hours of advanced yoga training;

Kelly Galloway Obituary
Kelly Galloway Obituary

Volunteered at the Bridge House, supporting homeless people; worked a summer at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, organising a children’s programme – RE-MEMBER became one of her favourite organisations as a result of this experience; and

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